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The cover of Africa Bingo by Kristin J. Draeger, Glen Draeger and Caleb Short

Africa Bingo

by Kristin J. Draeger, Glen Draeger and Caleb Short
an ARTK12 book

$19.95 Retail

Four Bingo Games in One (see photos below)

A great bingo game to help your students review where African countries are and also learn each country’s capital.

  1. Learn country names and where they are
  2. Learn east, north, south and west
  3. Learn country locations in relation to other countries
  4. Learn country and its capital from a quirky rhyme (Caleb wrote these)
  5. Have fun doing all this!

Here’s a quirky rhyme example:

Swaziland (SWAH-zee-land)
Mbabane (uhm-bah-BAHN-ay) and Lobamba (loh-BAHM-buh)

The swan is grand, but isn’t it too c-cold for watching b-birds.
Mom b-bought me a nice j-jacket so my c-coldness level is only two th-thirds.
But don’t low ball the t-temperature out here, it’s c-c-cold, let’s not mince w-words.

Example Pages:

Caleb Short

About Caleb Short

As a card carrying member of both the history fanatic club and the fun guy group, Caleb enjoys many outlets for his creativity. Graduating from San Diego State University in 2018 with a bachelors in Social Work, he has since moved on to studying at the bad pun institute among other more formal ventures.

Caleb enjoys petting dogs, walks on the beach with his wife, and the youth mentoring program where he volunteers.

Caleb is a contributing author to Africa Bingo: Geography Disguised as Fun.

Caleb lives in La Mesa, California.